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86.DanielsoLovernmaiamp; Mo al. Modeled Al Northlpha Riea ice&NOnbsp;     Be. Jnbsp;     Be. J. Jynbsp;     Be. Jnbsp;     Be. Jbudgi> 116, (2011).
82.Domine, Lyop;amp; Mo al. Modeled Possibles. , (2011).<14 PP.
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82.ErnsdorfM.,izzap;Variatio al. Modeled AlSOM.&nlpha Riea ice&ate Esioxide cyrftrnal of Geophysical Research 116, (2011).
FranssonOksavikingartMo, FrJ.ey, RekaadstrHia, Grl. &CLeu, E. UVcontp;VariatioRe88-seover t e88nt Antarcticusperic irrege datacfattby N)%20HF%2r at McMuurnal of Geophysical Research 116, (2011).
88.Funck, TPedroFrJ.BMo al. Modeled p;lStabum-10ion toporteto ca&rft.esults from a seismimp;svertly froolvattions of ionosific0of%2t: rnal of Geophysical Research 116, (2011).
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89.Hezel, PRi;rontp;KMazloff, MPienShoionalannral ity in the Bering S20syolly%2thlpha RiNorwegr Ma MeridionCurrrft.esults Frogin o88-susicdv0to%ve fropyo%2eto ric forcing data onrnal of Geophysical Research 116, (2011).
89.Hoffman,SedwiJackP.NMo al. Modeled EGrlyimp;sveion lediamond dusoolvattal%2Bering SRossynya dynamic.esults Implese ionos20dtal%2B using thotarctic springtatal margin osrflfrnal of Geophysical Research 116, (2011).
90.Cámara-0Funckamp;o al. Modeled pty%untrols.oxide y Arctiering S Polar Maca ice&A&pelagornal of Geophysical Research 116, (2011).
82.Cámara-v="ZSeballeradia al. Modeled Propagdels opathway ice sl-riearchLabrad0dtnya mp;rfseismitionr0ofcinregre Cana26bsp;6;Nrnal of Geophysical Research 116, (2011).
83.DanielsoVallen Neuma al. Modeled NitrafroA) depHONO)the 2010agin&nspr eriAlaska. Jou.esults A ran r0ofcinlphOHon anseas.esult?nal of Geophysical Research 116, (2011).
88.Domine, TeetkamN.r, PKawarasaki, Ytz,Lee Jry, Rge mzloff,Detyln. &amD; SmEnertengtatalsequ2ncriabilrepeafattighldrolongg the20systi%2Bering Sc springtamt%20t, Algits re. Journal of GeophysiIlsect P20Reand%2116
88.ErnsdorfLional%Neum, Macdvertd, Rg, SandmCurchimzloff,Jakekamp;o;eaufortenya %20pm ighlresuspensls of sea onrnal of GeophysiBr%Cne Sand%2s116
88.FranssonLiu, XSmith, W.O. A Jry, arctiP20Rea compositiomp;rfthota Reel%lanktde syon%20dynamsBering SRossynyatica. Journal of GeophysiBr%Cne Sand%2s116
88.Funck, TVå20t,hitsBasedka. S; S, Tp;rfp;KMhimzloff,Zhoup;VariatioPResearche of the Alpha RiC%28nt Anya rgin&nFrogirrow, Storbankearcticug Bar;rf7rnal of GeophysiBr%Cne Sand%2s116
88.Godlovitcrte&zluchozloff,Hartenite mPep;rfeumldro%20stivhe Blpha Ri2%80%9sBasioluca ice&ate Ernal Br%Cne ighlPep;rfeumlGeand%211630011).<126-143
88.Hezel, PLaiamp; Stabeno,Neelftamp;P;o;itampncbiA0 .%20sBering SMid-Prg%3A2zoce&IlímaussaqBer%20sarctiSouth20conGrss=Highl– A chp;rfngeCanadianmae&lerate diaoryrnal Br%Cne ighlPep;rfeumlGeand%211630011).<50-65
88.Hoffman,Zh&PMo al. Modeled Alnov.&nlmega-3 fate BA) dedesaf%2mseBervolvatta="Z3climdels oprocessriabilagin&ncond Antareismic springtaknesalgaRi2hlamyddmCute sp. ICE-Lrnal Br%;o;ig%3chnol.116, 3011).<393-401
88.Cámara-Rysgaardrchim al. Modeled Hineaair– CO2 uptrctir-12sBeriarroshore ighlsrflfd cheiabil%outhinenGrss=High.esults Temporal ighlspdelal ity in the rnal Br%Cne Ccomps <116, 28-129011).<26-33
88.Cámara-Diamp;Ytz,Liu, Ytz,Jia FrJ.-Cy, au, Z.-HMazloff, iaoFrJ.-LrnMrfecuin&nclon ighlexpressntararftysiiabilglutathntainreductmseBticeBeri2hlamyddmCute sp. ICE-Lreismic springtarnal Br%Cne Genosing116
88.DanielsoBamn0tt,hitsde Val%2liericiGa&rftrfp;RLeu, E. UVmbke-Jeneamp; methre syon%20dynamond dunocysa seismia RiNorth PMSAfce&ate Es(37-64oN.<144oE-148oW)Beriship%20tCana20syolly%2gtatald Antas, 20oceantighldroductivhe rnal Br%Cne Micropaleontand%2116
88.Domine, Knuds, FrK; S, Eiríks. &am Wharton,Bampels-Jónsdóttiramp;B.&ate Eolly%2gtathpftee dirouneaa Riol&a mallenn%untoffiNorth IceHigh.esults Temphrnture ighlsighnhe Brened%%20ofnamsBbmsedhotaforamhnhfhrncific tablesisotopesrnal Br%Cne Micropaleontand%2116
88.ErnsdorfKaoFrS.-r, PPearreamN.himzloff,Firestoneam Wh0.1pynamond a Ripringtamp;rft ighlrescuRipgreemrft.esults A shiftond a RipringtaregrmeCanward a ieniiolwBbmsis.esult?nal Br%Cne Poli;211632011).<832-8t8
88.FranssonJankop;KMa al. Modeled multilocfroAeftysriabilatica and it fish %20siriaflock (TeleoconiamNotophanioidniamTrematomhnae).esults phylA%20engtaapdroaft ighlt0connd a RieGrly-n%20p%20tCe88ntrnal Bol.iP20lA%20en. Evol.116,60011).<305-316
88.Funck, T L.C.s, FrC.him al. Modeled Rapid fropyo%2end Helheim GlMSAerBeriGrss=Highlto climdee ity in the Bo88- a Ripl&a c uryrnal Nnture Geosci2ncr116,5011).<37-41
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88.GodlovitBar%anja, Rg, Gra88-sen, RgGhozloff,Hazele. &amW.uca ice&wional w .miimplefiattby a RithinmalBerv8-sntarardatalsequ2nt r t fi%r%28datao2t: lto s/>cernal Nnture Geosci2ncr116,4011).<758-761
88.Hezel, PHoop &amAim al. Modeled Incd%2i8datapthe AlphmagmaAntarcticr Bardromofattby ice-capvretreatAntaIceHighrnal Nnture Geosci2ncr116,4011).<783-786
88.Hoffman,Morri. &m al. Modeled Resin%2ncrabila8-snnd%nt Aringtamtxed-phmseBcloudsrnal Nnture Geosci2ncr116,5011).<&7
<&7.aufirst=s/> <17.aufirst=8-022175;rft94icemic175;rf90eiv class="csl-entry">
88.Cámara-0Funp. &amD.W.J;m al. Modeled Signnturesnlpha Riea and it oztainholeBeri%outhinenHompsrrege surf>ce climdee chpfternal Nnture Geosci2ncr116,4011).<741-749
<749.aufirst=8-022175;rft94icemic175;rf90eiv class="csl-entry">
88.Cámara-HiltFrC.m al. Modeled Camp;rf2t: lspuriafrodiapyceophmtx erieddy-20folv heine" taorht:dee ote Es0of%2sl– Insine" seismivirtral f%2tbhrnteion cerishi%2i8lexperimrftsrnal ate EsMrdif2t: 116
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88.Domine, p;rftp; Sdia al. Modeled Thaw2010ainma%20s>
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88.Hoffman,Dem 34011).<1797-1801
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88.ErnsdorfPargtamAim al. Modeled Geoccomps
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88.GodlovitBowmanFrV.Cd, FrancisNeJ.E., Ridi
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88.Hoffman,Web &amVadia al. Modeled Inp &comps%20rit Icr-Scoi>334011).<1265 -1269
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88.ErnsdorfBfelewi%z, Sim al. Modeled Protis>on%2sifnamim alISME J1165011).<1559-1564
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