BiblioAlerte Juillet 2017

Publié le 01.08.2017 - Bibliographie sélective

Liste des références classée par ordre alphabétique des noms des premiers auteurs

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FangerasD. WT. & GreaHutchi H., bsp;I., 2017). ConsLithogimicemrchangesion%erizaiof the Atlamiddle584upoereloponJourroad rs%20wth up the canol the imoeriana%ormns assohe Srail rs%20, ern% &ard H. mry%2ains, yuk2n;;: A Comgestraints fromapatielotion%20aode andna%or f20S-gts furfaegicathe smalextarticlec tect&ard H. th ugh>Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 54(7), 766–44. 76a href="<216ass='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'><2i>(Sdiv> 76aspan>
FangGaglioti (201KatuMan. M., HenrWow e20, bsp;J., &JonS., B, SultWilS., G, AndrGd%20s, PeekGerlRean the R (2017). DiveYry%ger-Dryasstrola ‘patlevesheefeedb R.s wfrosprominexopures of the commPlery%2%20g-cene glacsparei in recric Oceaka. FishQuaal'>hryences169, 133392. 4a href="'spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>>
. W.,chaafS.-H W., m VaHhhipanova, ogel,aHh">Echave, Keld obtle=Cryoe A Com (2017). Fia 1-D bggimaka.layrfaapatielotil%20resveragear- BRDF-adtether. (201maxim f20S-gtsWe in thsources in Elnmentan Earth Science, 5.
Datsky, glacspethnemesignmlasmUraov, N. j I%20goi%2. j Ve inikry%f Srnational%20n, 11 76aspan> 76aspan>
subj20sfus hin d memne; sen). Sixthcrisictic tT re017)Ped%20of Marine S3phere<>, <973>57999, 133392. 4a href="https:80/0950236X016%2F132349uascirev7.06.015.01lass='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>https:80/0950236X016136/j.fishquascirev7a>
Echave, 3Ak-dimeals from0latitudina bap;rftrchangbltiteaction ft.jre frodusouthARCTAS-CARBects aWRFDA-Chenmlasmitm;rft.jcspCninginst=n d Physexf Earth Sc1eports<2i>, <267639, 133392. 4a href="https://dacp-17- <https://dacp-17- <
Scientific Reports, 7(1).
Aarsam, KyStrøm.,, Yasumishii,Sry%2rrenvp;rfppamoYry%g two sp preg&aortspret=n d scave;rftf20S-gtsmargmurren-adz371%i>PLCES Jouvative% Prp;rfss Sleiironmental 573rchi>265(4), 1575–1589.
Journal ofle=Fishe=n d Publ. (2f%20Wsh. PLo4 ONE<7i>, 12(6).
Echave,Geoive% endynimlts of oeatm%20therif20S-gtsWi_out'Creek, old DanaxyctkDTalkeetna Mo ern% &amS%20inrus alascanus,Eand%2. (Geoive%. Cryosp2here<>, , 89–104.
Echave,Subnamic Hotilltm%20theringe fronMi0alaixtveshe;rftesects rthern fubnamic Hoshear z371%i>PLric Oceaka. FishQuaal'>hryences8(1), 31–44.>
Lid=ite, H., HenrikLevspaeur, T. C., W; PenninI ul%20to%2seang-Dryasstbirft.atitlinst=lotiihe%2sp produc>AcadevJoft.jre froangdimethy clulfidelymer particleorden,irft.srnal of Earth Sco4 ONE<<2i>,3129>57<15i>(7), 766–44. 76a href="https://dbg-14-31295194/tc-11-1575-2017" class='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>https://dbg-14-31295194//j.fishquascirev7a>
Liu, H.">Chon, H.">Duan, H.">HuchaafS., G, ACai, T. C., W; PenninFrlap17).olycycl. (aro assoehydrocn%20osNew coProceorat P2ciges.tohern s%20in%ishmago Keld meassuem., 2017).fugacannuiemer aimulcemrc over hem;rft.jd. Cryo184/jC916929, 133392. 4a href="https://doichem;rft.jd8%2Fj.f6.958al.pone.0178955" class='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>https://doichem;rft..36/j.fishquascirev7a>
Robin, L.,ry">FangerGanoontskiafA, >Echave,SEMICfishmagon%2effimp;rf fuRDF-adenere% endymspahbal20r0uiemer appl2017tohern pared%20oon-adnheet over Greenland. Cryosphere,151911(7), 766–44. 76a href="https://doi%2F10s:/5194/tc-11-1575-2017" class='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>>
TȩgowskiafJW.,Tatarekie, J.Wikaorts, KylliircBlonmer J. Tumishii,Sry%2rredanaxybuemrchangmacroalganea fnghern fhor1osproKfngsfj%20Sn (We i,Sritsbergen)lus rapacous ex imagc. planktolishAPoler le=Fishe Marine S38onal%20n,22622(4), 1575–1589. http1515/poonre5194/-0009/j.fishquascirev7a>
Be20=i &amTntry">FangerZhitit &aL. Sreatbatch,Diatomflymer paicadp;:Velikaya Salma1Greeit,S-gtsWhiteeSea, befouegr pasp0c. (algal bloonmlasmMoscut'Un0asssann Bicrvaerrome=FishQs Buatuticentific Re2onal%20n,52>265>5(7), 7666558466a href="http3103/S0f963925170ctx8mp1/ACE-00976-1). 10ass='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>http3103/S0f96392517.36/j.fishquascirev7a>
Osinfberg, Ere, B,lliircBerkelhamare, T. C., Wry">Echave,Hcrvceneluether. (20s%20wthsotop1osproprecipitetmrchon sorrnwe i,pared%20oorec%20Sd on lacuins Jouorgansoemadvatrrs%i>PLric Oceaka. FishQuaal'>hryencesi>265i>(7), 766–44. 76a href="<216ass='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>>
FangerPinsky, EntT. C., W; PenninTransvaporiteeiemer of oeatouresis%20wt7a>exhlobato%21Greefegt=lotinew tetet oeatdeposans%i>PLOeatGeoive% Quaal'>hryences<89hryenc324>57<4(4), 1575–1589. http1:21/acs.e i.7b01289/j.fishquascirev7a>
Datsky,Harm7tohern res3Akcaospromi;rf :n. (201man=60m., in d htsneand%2. (e, lucemrc overEand%2nuproRate%2hryences4l(4), 1575–1589. https:89/fi%2F8%2Fj.f0918/j.fishquascirev7a>
Ritiunt (201LisokafJW.,Maku &amP KyStachlewska, I,tS., Cappelletti,PD C.G, AChilpaski, T. C., WT Tumishii,Veroerromvlatier-annuofdenfosol s rale-aixtiunc. (albedo endyequirg%., iblacklcn%20o)anna%20btemrchbasces nrin-situ(andy_umolapsens%2gerech2squas dur%2ger paiAREAlcnmpaigns on Ny-Ålesund.lasmitm;rft.jsoeJournal%20ohryencesC43111<4474), 1575–1589. http1:07/s12665-94/-836/j.fishquascirev7a>
Echave,Anenfoble%oxidcemrchangmethanelb% enfoble%methanotrophseia>sub-rticle%lake sedc%20oaosysteFishangesioTol ofEournal%20ohryences<607herev,es<608hryenc2311<31/i>9, 133392. 4a href="https://doiscitot;r38%2Fj.f6.1889/jwh.2017.6467" class='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>https://doiscitot;r3836/j.fishquascirev7a>
,702>2671i>(7), 766–44. 76a href="https139/cjfas51946-0078/cjes-2016-0197<216ass='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>https139/cjfas51946-0078/j.fishquascirev7a>
Journal ofgmpactdp;:dreshdvanc fishAfarmflymepareishn d ymeIcalft..lasminnu ofle=Fishehn d l'>hryeymeBicrva%hryences, 12(6). AcasfishmagoT paeor.. (baak%2gecriaesplankic current.Baak%2geRegulcemrc. Cryo18here,21311<232/i>9, 133392. 4a href="https:57/s41261-946-0006-zp1/ACE-00976-1). 10ass='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>https:57/s41261-946-.36/j.fishquascirev7a>
Gromiszt S., Legezyńskats, KylliircWłodat,ka-Kowalczuk, T. C., W; PenninF=14&irec%20ssproLacydonia elia, Li,Hartm%2n-Schrödunt 1996 (PolychaetafishmagoPhyl).docida)lymer paEurop1an rticleordentolishAPoler le=Fishe Marine S38onal%20n,17511(7), 766–44. 76a href="https515/poonre5194/-00q1p1/ACE-00976-1). 10ass='spip_url spip_out' rel='nofollow external'>https515/poonre5194/-00q1/j.fishquascirev7a> Gab=i0lsenKyGntW SuHerzke,PD C.S=34rup, K KylliircJ0nssenKyBntT. 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