SUBMERTZ : exploring under the Mertz glacier floating part

Publié le 20.11.2012 - Programme de recherche

The SUBMERTZ project intend to investigate the uncovered ocean of the Mertz glacier floating tongue. This 160km long and 30km wide ice tongue experienced a major calving of half of its length in february 2010. This glacier ice tongue, the fjord in which it flows and the adelie bathymetric depression are to participate in the Antarctic bottom water production, the ocean ice interaction.

The calved iceberg gone allows us to visit a large area that was unaccessible before. An automated submarine AUTOSUB will be used to investigate the sub ice cavity remaining in the fjord. Physical properties of water masses, bathymetry of the unknown areas and analysis of shallow sediment cores are the measurement we will undertake within this program to investigate the ocean circulation, ice-ocean exchange and climate and environment conditions in the area.

Source : Fiche descriptive du programme SUBMERTZ sur le site de l’IPEV
Laboratoires : Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales - LEGOS (CNRS, Université Toulouse 3, CNES, IRD)